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Knowledge is for the mind. Experience is for the body.


An erotic writing workshop: Get your creative juices flowing with this exciting workshop that is guaranteed to release writers, and any other, blocks!

chocolate making

Cacao is a superfood. Refined sugar is a poison. Let’s divorce the two and make delicious treats that are healthy too! This is an essential for women’s health. May be combined with Women’s Health curriculum/discussion.

sex geekery

Facilitated discussion group. Gather your tribe and call in an expert. Who knows where the conversation will go!

sexological anatomy

This presentation is designed to enlighten participants of all genders, 18+. Going beyond the basics, it has repeatedly left participants in tears at the beauty and wonder of the female body.


This class is designed for everyone. We can all benefit greatly by understanding an important cycle that we are all apart of. Appropriate for age 8 and up, all genders and levels of understanding.


Sex education, in order to be considered sex-positive, must include pleasure. Both academic and experiential, can be done as a lecture or workshop. 

love your parts

Co-created with Madison Lindgren, this workshop is enlightening and celebratory. Half academic, half artistic and all about loving the skin you’re in. 

naked nights

Just your typical nude dinner party. By invite only. Intimate, Organic, Vulnerable. We gather to normalize and humanize the relationship with the body. This event is strictly non-sexual and sober. 

womb spaces

Restorative rituals to practice listening, receiving, and speaking truth. They are spaces that humanize and naturalize, where we take off our masks and unravel our tensions. All wounds stored in the body require attention, not time, to heal. These rituals give our bodies the attention they long for. All bodies are welcome.

Live events are currently on hold, please check back for updates.

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