Melissa Hite
A Sexual-Spiritual Advisor

I have spent my entire life studying the physical body, sexuality, and spirituality. With a wonderful balance of academic and experiential education, I’m here to be of service to you and the larger awakening of humanity.

academic experience

2017 Holistic Sex Educator Certification

The Institute of Sexual Education and Enlightenment (ISEE)

2015 – 2017 host of the birds & bees slc

A weekly sex education meetup group.

2009 – 2013 three certifications as an advanced pole instructor

Helping women connect with and embody their sexuality (through Studio Soirée, Pole Moves and Orange County Pole Fitness.

2007 Certified Lymphedema Therapist

The Academy of Lymphatic Studies, where I became intimately connected with the waters of the body.

2006 therapist of massage and bodywork

Graduating with a 4.0 from Renaissance School of Therapeutic Massage

I humbly stand on the shoulders of giants, recognizing all who came before, pioneering a path for me and so many others.

life experience

As a child, I grew up as an outsider in a heavily religious and sex-negative environment. My curiosity led me to study the body and sexuality from a very young age. 

I’m proud of my 10 years of service/experience in Nevada’s legal brothel industry.

A few life-altering injuries have course-corrected me onto a path more connected with nature, Source and higher wisdom.

I’ve traveled abroad studying different cultures, especially in regards to sexual and/or spiritual customs. 

Countless classes, mentors, books, lovers, friends, hours of meditation, yoga and dance have all informed me on my path.