Boundless Living
Guided journey to boundary mastery

Higher Sex Education is not just the birds and the bees...

Anatomy &

Knowing and understanding our bodies opens a world of possibilities and insights. Learn the secrets stored inside of you.


What do great relationships & great sexual experiences have in common? Great communication skills! Build the tool kit you need to speak your truth.


Learn how to love the unloveable. The unloveable situations, the unloveable people, the unloveable in people. Then, and only then, will you realize there aren’t any.

boundaries & autonomy

Boundaries are the key to building an authentic & joy filled life. Align with your inner wisdom to build healthy connections.


For many, sexuality and spirituality are inseparable. Integration is the lock and the key, and this happens within the body.

gender &
sexual orientation

Our bodies are all unique, so it makes sense that our gender identities & sexual orientations are varied. Find comfort in being you!


Oh…oh my! Did you know pleasure has the power to heal? It’s true! It is time to release the power of your pleasure so you can experience a shameless life.

HEalth & hygiene

We will cover topics that range from basic personal health to the holistic health of our planet.